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Launcher is the part of Android User Interface that allows users to customize their home screen , launch applications make phone calls and perform other tasks on Android devices. Though an Android comes with a default launcher , but there are various other launchers too which are available in Android market and are doing well .

The third party launchers basically spice up our phone’s home screen and act as a personal assistant. They provide a variety of ways to change the look and style .They are necessary to get a good Android experience. Below are the top five launchers for Android which have topped the chart and become popular for 2018. These launchers have provided their customers with best services and methods of customization.

Recently, we have also shared user to system apps method.


Nova launcher is the best launcher till now and is continuing to excel in the fields of technology including the best theming . It is very efficient and fast in working . It supports various gestures , customizations , dock notifications that are better than any other launcher. It has unbeatable and cool notification badge involving unread badges too which prevents the clutter on the notification bar and provides a small badge over the app to show how many unread notifications we have. It provides us the feature of backing up our layout and settings and allows for an easy change between the themes. It allows to automatically set the night mode . It’s prime also has many features .


Microsoft launcher which is also called as the Arrow Launcher is a free launcher available in different languages. It makes your phone look like Windows and provides a great display screen. The profile photo easily shrinks up according to the need of the user and can be move too. With its Bing wallpaper of the day feature we can have a fresh look everyday . Involves Wanderlust integration to access reminders everywhere on PC , phone or web. It has a very friendly user interface system and handy pages which can be pinned. This launcher also allows you to things on your phone and easily jump to another devices too .The newsfeed in the Microsoft Launcher is easily customizable and good looking .


Buss launcher is in beta and is also free. It boasts thousands of downloadable themes from different users. Once you download this launcher you basically join a community from people all over who are customizing their home screens by both sharing and making on their own which are also available to others for download. One of the exciting feature about this launcher is that is lets you set multiple wallpapers for different home screens. It also allows us to edit individual app icons and customize the icon grid to fit more icons on the screen. We can add quick launch side bar , widgets on lock screen and much more. Before this , it permits you to customize the widgets too. Its feature called screen effects is similar to live wallpapers which overlays the wallpaper with animation effects such as snowfall , rain etc.


An update in Evie launcher had resulted in deletion of the side bar feature which has eventually come back with app drawer as an option. The search engine of the Evie Launcher is its powerful feature which allows people to search in three possible ways . Firstly , one can tap the search bar on the top of the home screen. Secondly , by tapping the home button . Thirdly , by swiping down from below the search bar. This launcher has the fastest and best designed app drawer with live wallpapers. It has a dock with custom grid . The folders are easily adaptable to the home screen. It has removable icon labels and backup and restore facility. Also , its one of the feature is widget redesign which include visual previews. Evie Launcher is specially designed for improved performance is one of the fastest Android launchers. It supports icon packs that can be downloaded from play store.

  1. APEX

Apex launcher provides us with a variety of features and is a visually stunning launcher. It had two versions – free and pro . Below is the list of the features in both of them :-

In its pro version two finger feature options are allowed , there are additional transition effects and theme options . Batch add and merge folder options are also there. Drawer customizations , unread count notifications and dock swipe actions are also updated.

Whereas free version includes the following features –

  1. Customizable home screen grid size
  2. Up to nine home dock (up to seven icons per page and up to five pages)
  3. Infinite and elastic scrolling for the home screen, drawer, and dock
  4. Fancy transition effects
  5. Hide elements such as search bar, status bar, or dock
  6. Customizable icons and labels (for shortcuts and folders)
  7. Different folder preview styles and background (even transparency)
  8. Multiple drawer styles
  9. Drawer apps sorting
  10. Hide apps from the drawer
  11. Home screen lock (to prevent accidental changes)
  12. Home screen gestures
  13. Advanced theme engine
  14. Backup/restore settings and data

Now , since you have gained all the knowledge about the best Android launchers for 2018 get them downloaded and start customizing your phone in the best way !


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Moving user apps to system apps using Lucky Patcher Tue, 20 Feb 2018 06:59:44 +0000 Read more » "Moving user apps to system apps using Lucky Patcher"]]> System apps are applications which are preinstalled on your smart phones , which you cannot uninstall them normally and user apps are applications which you have installed on your smart phones from any other servers and can re install or uninstall any time.

Sometimes system apps use huge amount of memory and are useless but a user cannot uninstall it from their smart phones normally. Hence, for simplicity of this task you can use Lucky Patcher app which easily move user app to system app. Lucky patcher app is the best app for rooted android smart phones for removing ads from apps, moving user apps to system apps and it can perform various other task which normal apps cannot perform but only on rooted android smart phones.

Below we are providing you the step by step procedure for moving user apps to system apps for your smart phones . Also we are providing you with the screenshots along with the steps.

Firstly you have to root your android before using Lucky patcher app because it works on rooted android smart phones.

Follow the tutorial below .


Tutorial for moving user app to

System app using Lucky Patcher app

  • Download the Lucky Patcher app on your phone.
  • Open the app after successfully downloading and installing the Lucky Patcher app.
  • A list of all the apps which are installed on your smart phone will appear on your screen.
  • First choose any app you wish to move to system app.
  • You will see the below screen with multiple options from which you have to choose the Tool option.

  • Now you have to click on Move to/system app option after which it will take few seconds.

  • Selected user app have been moved to system app and you are done.

Your selected app have been successfully moved to system app through Lucky Patcher app. Now you cannot uninstall the app normally as other user apps, without help of Lucky patcher app or any similar kind of app.

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